Food Pantry Mission

Helping to feed Orangeburg's poor and needy.

Holy Trinity Food Pantry Mission Program

The goal for the Holy Trinity Food Pantry program is to provide food assistance to the needy in an organized and timely manner to help combat hunger in the Orangeburg area.

Our program serves about 15 clients each week. These clients are interviewed for eligibility and receive a box of food once every two months. The total number of clients served is about 150 per cycle. Our budget for these food boxes is approximately $650 per month. St. Andrews United Methodist Church contributes additional food each week to help supplement our program.

We are not an emergency food program, but rather work with families that have demonstrated a chronic need for supplemental food. When a new client is identified and interviewed, they will be scheduled. Our program receives referrals from CASA, DSS, RMC, OCAB, Deacon Gary Janelle, and other social services. We use the same food assistance application that is used by Harvest Hope Food Bank and adhere to government assistance guidelines that identifies clients living at 200% below the poverty level. All forms are filed in a secure manner.

Upon receiving a box of food, each client is given a return appointment and card with their return date as well as our contact information.

We are grateful to the Lord for our faithful volunteers and our ability to serve those in need in our community.

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